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Playing Kitchen Resources – Educational Articles About Healthy Kids and Fun Cooking Ideas

Many parents have a specific way of doing things in their kitchens. And many parents way of doing things specifically does not include their children. Other parents don’t have time to prepare a full and balanced meal for their family every night and resort to unhealthy fast food. At Playing Kitchen we have an alternative. Invite the kids into the kitchen. Prepare your family’s food together with your kids. If you need help thinking of how to make cooking fun for kids, check out our helpful articles, we have tons of cooking ideas for kids.

Healthy Eating Advice And Information For Parents

Whether you are first time parents, long time parents or even a child caregiver or teacher you can always learn some new cooking ideas for kids. We have a huge online resource of ideas from simple, having your kids do easy tasks like mixing or separating foods to the more complex, like measuring ingredients or working with electrical appliances. All of our cooking games are designed to help build kids’ confidence, sense of self-worth and independence.

Playing Kitchen – Making The Kitchen Fun For The Whole Family

Adding games and treats to the kitchen experience will not only interest kids in cooking but will keep them interested until their hard work is finished and ready to eat. Check out our fun games and our kid’s recipes area for ways to engage children in cooking the food that they eat. In doing so they will learn about what goes into the food they eat and how it affects them. Involving children in the food making process can be a fun a way to teach kids about healthy eating and the right eating habits.

Starting in 2012 food labels will be on meat products. Now you will know the nutritional facts of the food you will be co...
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Three healthy vegetarian cooking recipes to make with your kids.
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Cooking with Children: Crescent Sugar Cookies
Delicious recipe to treat that sweet tooth!
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Cooking for kids with sushi is fun and delicious.
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The newest generation of kids born between the early 1990s and now are known as Generation Z, or the “Net Generation”. Th...
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Child Obesity: When Does Weight Concern Go Too Far?
Everyone knows child obesity is a big concern in America, no pun intended. While it's good that many parents are taking t...
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Cooking with Children: Kids Food Jokes
Next time you're cooking with children, have fun! How do you do that? It's easy with this long list of Kids Food Jokes th...
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Cooking With Children: How to Make an Easy Three-Course Meal
Cooking with children? This article explains how your kids can make an easy three course meal.
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