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Cooking Contests For Kids – Challenge Children To Cook

It can be difficult to get kids interesting in cooking but nothing gets children excited like competition. A great way to involve your kids in cooking is to create a cooking contest. See who can measure the fastest or who can decorate a cake the best. In the end everyone wins because the end result is eating healthy! Check out all of our fun kids cooking contests or make up your own kids cooking challenge!

Kids Contests – More Than Just Fun In The Kitchen

Cooking, in the mind of a child, is not the most interesting activity. In order to get kids involved you need to cater to their interests. Challenge yourself to think of ways to combine their interests with cooking. Whether it’s decorating desert with a sports logo or using food coloring to match a favorite flavor, it can have an impact on a child. Once you get them involved you can explain about healthy eating and in doing so combat childhood obesity.

Playing Kitchen – Fun Cooking Ideas For Kids

At Playing Kitchen we know how to make cooking fun for kids. Aside from our fun cooking contests for children we also have lots of other fun cooking ideas for kids. For example, we have tons of games you can play with kids in the kitchen, healthy recipes for kids fun pictures and videos and educational articles. Look around our site and let us know if you have any fun kids cooking ideas!

Food is always more fun when you get to play with it. This week, our contest is a jewelry challenge! You can create a tra...
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Happy food is a no-fail way to win when you’re cooking for kids. So today's kid's cooking contest should put a smile on y...
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