Weston Products 36-2201-W Grinder No.22 Manual Tinned

Weston Products 36-2201-W Grinder No.22 Manual Tinned
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Manufacturer Part #: 36-2201-W
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Grinder #22 Manual Tinned -
Manufacture ID: 36-2201-W

Take control over your food! Manual meat grinders by Weston are economical and reliable tools in home meat processing. Make your own sausages, burgers, and more with hand processed ground meat prepared fresh in your own kitchen! Processing your own deer, wild game, and domestic meats has never been simpler. Plus, all Weston Manual Meat Grinders come with a sausage stuffing accessory kit.


- Food Safe Tin Coating

- Durable Cranking Handle

- Heavy-duty nylon bearing for long life

- Secures to your table or counter top

- Easy to clean and assemble

All Weston Tinned Meat Grinders include an 8-Piece Accessory Kit:

- 4.5mm Grinding Plate for medium grinding

- 10mm Grinding Plate for coarse grinding

- Grinding Knife

- Set of three stuffing funnels: 20mm, 30mm and 40mm with easy attaching universal flange and stuffing star